The Win-Win-Win

ICON Consulting creates a  “Win-Win-Win”

  1. Client receives a quality service at a fair price.
  2. Individual employee receives a career opportunity.
  3. ICON Consulting, Inc. receives a long-term business relationship with both the client and the employee.

Our Mission is to provide support services to our clients based on integrity, professionalism and innovation to meet the current and future needs of our government and commercial clients at cost-effective terms.

About ICI

  • ICON Consulting, Inc. (ICI) is a privately held, small, woman-owned and controlled corporation founded in June 1996.
  • ICI is headquartered in Springfield, MO with offices in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX and Kansas City, MO.
  • We provide quality Information Technology Services and staffing to our government and private sector clients throughout the nation.
  • Our management team has more than 50 years combined IT recruiting and management experience working with Fortune 500/1000 companies, startups and government agencies.
  • We provide higher compensation packages to our people and take smaller profits, treat our employees respectfully and listen to their needs and concerns. We make our staff part of our “family,” which keeps our turnover rate near 0%.

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Our philosophy:

  1. Respect for the individual.
  2. Desire to have the best client services of any firm possible.
  3. Conviction that our company should pursue all tasks with the idea that they can and will be performed in a superior manner.
  4. Commitment to parse and establish all business relationships with the intent and desire to fulfill the needs of all of the parties involved.