Leverage our solutions

IT solutions can’t be left to chance. ICON delivers IT specialists and services that help your business weather the constant challenges and changes of technology.

If you need…

  • HPC systems support
  • Rapid, flexible access to IT professionals with in-demand skill sets
  • Less red tape
  • Help meeting your diversity goals (small, women-owned business)
  • A single point of contact from start to finish

…then ICON is your solution.

Services overview


Contract temporary help or consultants with specialized skills to complete projects. Or augment your staff for workload increases – without adding to your permanent team.


Find out how an employee will perform on the job without committing to a permanent hire. Our people remain on ICI’s payroll until you are ready to extend a permanent offer.

Direct/Permanent Placement

Reduce time to hire and access candidates with tough-to-find skill sets by letting ICON STAFFING advertise, screen and interview for you. You’ll choose from the select few that precisely meet your requirements.


Shift employees from your payroll to ours, keeping your permanent headcount down and reducing the time and expense of handling payroll, benefits and other administrative paperwork.


Offload your staffing and HR functions to ICON. We recruit, manage and train temporary staff so that you can focus on core business.

Services and specialists we provide:

  • Project Planning and Execution
  • Procedures and Documentation
  • Technical Training
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Administration and Management
  • Systems Programming
  • Systems and Software Integration/Migration
  • Database Programming
  • Software Development and Maintenance
  • Data and Software Validation and Verification
  • Data Center Management
  • Help Desk Support Services